Ilustración digital (2012)


ANGEL TRANCON arts aviation profiles on sale!!

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ANGEL TRANCON ARTS produces high quality technical profile illustrations and prints of aviation, military and civilian vehicles of all kinds.

The Artwork: The illustrations are high resolution and very detailed, and each print is meticulously researched, with images and references. Many hours of work are done before and during the progress of the draw.

Fully Customizable: Fully customizable prints with logo and text. You can personalize your own squadron. You choose the contents, and we make the final art print. Drop us a line with some details and information and we´ll be back to you with a quote for your exclusive print.

The Prints: The prints are detailed and accurate. The quality of the print materials mean you will have a durable product to enjoy for years. My prints are and outstanding gift for aviation enthusiast. Rest assured that each print is checked for quality.

Packing and Despatch: Each print are shipped rolled in mailing tube via stander Spanish Postal Service mail. Shipping cost will vary depending on priority and distance. Overseas customers please contact me for postage costs. Despatch will usually occur within 14 days, so delivery should be within 21 days. Email me for a time estimate.